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About Me

Ray Stein is an #Electric Violinist #Keyboardist #Multi- instrumentalist #Vocalist #Composer/Songsmith #Producer #Engineer #Mastering Specialist..With BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated)...All Copyrights reserved 2013-2014 by Raphael Stein, aka Ray Stein ~ RSM (RAY STEIN MEDIA) ~ Eric V. Stein, ESM (ERIC STEIN MEDIA) ~ SBM (STEIN BROTHERS MUSIC).

I am one of 5 musicians in the family of SBM (STEIN BROTHERS MUSIC)...I was Inducted in March of 2010 into Kansas Music Hall of Fame along with my brother Eric V. Stein...All of us are involved in all Aesthetics of the Music Industry and fine arts organizations in Southern California for the last 35 + years...All of us have individually involved ourselves in the #Rock, #Funk, #Pop, #R n B, #EDM, #Jazz, & the #Smooth Jazz market as well...We are all about playing any Gendre of Music that is required to be done in full-on Production, Composition & Recording...YOU NAME IT & WE'LL DO IT!...Whatever it takes to make it happen!!!!!!

Individually RSM (RAY STEIN MEDIA) and as a group, the SBM (STEIN BROTHERS MUSIC) have Performed, Toured & wrote HIT Songs with some of the Legends...The Majors ~ Giant Names in the Music Industry of Heavy Hitters, both on #Camera, #Film, #Albums #CD's, #MP3's in whatever Format & in Major Recording Studios as well...Here is a short list of some of the Stellar Artists we have worked with from the past to the present: JIM BOND, RAPTURE, DAWAYNE BAILEY, LARRY LINGLE, MICHAEL LINGLE, GEORGE DUKE, WOLF MARSHALL, JERRY HAHN, CHAKA KAHN, MICHAEL JACKSON, QUINCY JONES, STANLEY CLARKE, DAVID FOSTER, STEVE LUKATHER, RICK JAMES, MARIAH CAREY, KENNY LOGGINS, & JIM MASSINA, KANSAS, TATA VEGA, ANDRAE CROUCH, WHITNEY HOUSTON, LAMONT DOZIER, TOMMY FUNDERBURK, SHERWOOD BALL, BILLY PRESTON, JAY GRAYDON, MIKE FINNIGAN, PRINCE, SONNY BONO, RAY CHARLES, ALANIS MORISSETTE, SHERYL CROW, FAITH HILL, JOE COCKER, DAVID BENOIT, The Band, "HOT" with GWEN OWENS, JUANITA CURIEL, RIP CATHY CARSON-STEIN, X-WIFE ~ Featuring Their Smash HIT Single, "ANGEL IN YOUR ARMS", JOHN LITHGROW, CIRQUEL DU SOLEIL, PlAIN JANE in (Kansas), PAGAN BALLET in (Kansas), THE MAGNIFICENT SANCTUARY BAND in (Kansas). The San Diego Symphony, The Pacific Symphony in Orange County...Just to mention a few...

BE SURE TO CONTACT ME @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR Call me @ 760-583-9611 ~ CHECK OUT THE "RAY STEIN MEDIA RECORDING STUDIO"///"STEIN BROTHERS MUSIC STUDIO" WHEN YOU ARE READY FOR THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE IN MAKING YOUR WORLD CLASS MUSIC /SONGS SOUND AS Grrrrrrrrr8 AS ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BESTTT IN THE MUSIC BIZ!!!...YO ~ HIT ME UP!!! - YOU CAN ALSO CATCH ME @: www.facebook.com/raysteinmedia ~ www.soundcloud.com/ray-stein ~ www.twitter.com/raysteinmedia FOR STARTERS...